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V stands for Vampires..?

Meet Draco, a powerful Vampire who confines himself inside his gigantic silver casket. Despite the incredible power of his vessel, equipped with ancient magical technology, all he wants is to be left alone in the peace and comfort of his sofa.

Fortunately for you, a huge space fleet happens to stumble upon the coffin, and decides to attack immediately. Taking the role of Draco's wing-man vampire cat, Murcia, you need to navigate and shoot your way through tight corridors of bullet hell coming at you at mach 30.

Fortunately the casket is quite durable and can take a beating! But get too cocky and you may just start rapidly burning through continues... Do you have what it takes to master your unique vessel and obliterate the filthy meatbags?

Sexy vampire features of the game include:

  • Control a Badass Silver Coffin that was designed for maximum damage and speed. With a giant badass Vampire Laser to boot. And said laser having badass vampirism. Badass.
  • A forgiving, yet challenging difficulty - the vessel can survive many hits, but you only have 1 life, while enemies and bullets are relentless!
  • A flexible scoring system, centered around Vampire Laser - use it to get points from killing or hitting enemies, cancelling bullets, or finishing off bosses!
  • 4 stages, and a hidden TLB for those who can master the Laser!
  • A simmering pot of lore with a dash of mystery!
  • Full controller support! Full supporter control!
  • Gorgeously crazy Vampire waifu later on in the game that will make you SIMPly question your life choices. But you're no simp, right?
  • Top #3 in FUN category of Bullet Hell Jam 2022!
  • A lot of bullets that make the point. Just download the game already!


- Main menu - Z to start/confirm, X to cancel.

- Keyboard/Gamepad:

- Z/A - Focus Shot

- X/B- Spread Shot

- C/X - Vampire Mode (at full charge)

You can freely change controls in the settings, both for keyboard and gamepad!

Leaderboards (Top 10):

  1. Kanzaki Shintarou - 2096282
  2. Van-Hai Nguyen - 1761261
  3. SmolDanny - 1557771

Post a screenshot of your score in the comments to be added! Or you can post your score on Twitter and @ me: @AlsameSuzaku

Credits (Jam Team):

Lead Developer: Aru - [itch.io, Twitter]
OST: Nicolas Santana - [Bandcamp]
Character art: Rice_junk - [Newgrounds]

Full Credits available in Readme.txt!



Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsAlsame (Aru), MetalNick, rice_junk
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, High Score, Mystery, secrets, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, Thriller, Vampire
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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Project V1 - Space Vampire Thriller.zip 167 MB
Old Jam Version 158 MB

Development log


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Very high production value for an early SHMUP creator game! I was impressed by the set pieces in the last 2 stages especially. Interesting scoring/HP system too, tanking damage and then healing back with the laser fits the 'vampire' theme nicely. 

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^


It was very interesting!

I was a little concerned that the flames and vampire lasers sometimes made it hard to see the bullets, but I thought the length and difficulty of the stages were just right!

The music is very cool too, I bought it on Bandcamp...!

Looking forward to more:)


Thank you so, so much, and congratulations on your score - you're #1 on the leaderboards currently! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the length and difficulty of the stages! I have gotten feedback on bullet visibility from different people and will try to make it a little better in the future versions, so look forward to that! Your video on Nico Nico and MQ's video also helped me find lots of bugs and unintended behavior, I'm sorry you had to deal with them, but I hope to fix them in the future as well!

I'm especially glad you enjoyed the soundtrack, just like the gameplay itself it was composed by Metal Nick in just 10 days, with the only direction being "something like Kamui with vampire/castlevania mood", and I'm still amazed at how well it turned out. Needless to say I got very lucky to have a chance to work with such talented people as Nick and Rice :)

In the coming months I'm planning to work on a new game, and add fixes/specifications to Project V when Shmup Creator gets updated with the features I need. Again, thank you for your comment, it really brightened my day! (and I already messaged Nick that you bought the soundtrack so I'm sure his day is brightened too!)


I found out about this game through a friend's introduction (Japanese) and played it.

The system is nice to force you to advance rather than shoot and avoid. The details are great, such as the need to adjust the enemy's health in order to score.

I'm looking forward to more in the future as I'd like to see more elaboration.

I personally like being able to do this kind of thing. https://youtu.be/BMJE0U95PVU

Thank you so much!

As the Shmup Creator gets more features I'd definitely like to add more improvements and content into the game, so look forward to future updates!

The first boss strategy you've sent is pretty funny - I believe it's not as good for scoring as letting it get into the next phase, but I may adjust the boss and add a secret related to its options, hehe


989630 with a few continues, does this qualify?! , great game some great enemy patterns there.  Future is bright for SHMUP creator.. hope you did well in the jam and look forward to your next creations, well done

Thank you for playing and for your kind words!

Unfortunately I can't add non-1cc scores right now because continues do not properly reset your score, so the end result is higher than it should be as it adds up the score you got on each credit. It is a bug which the engine dev will fix shortly, so non-1cc scores will be accepted when we push the post-jam version.

Still - I am sure with some practice you can beat the game without continues and push past 1mil! Just 10k score away!!


No probs, there are some parts where I went from full to zero health in a matter of seconds, so yeah maybe once learn those patterns it could be possible, challenge accepted!



haha so thats what bullet hell means


Yep, it's a hell... With bullets


Silver coffins are indeed Badass!

Great game. Crazy Vampire Waifus...are always a plus.

Man...those menu sounds are too good. Seriously.


Haha thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


Nice game